Customize Your Fitness Plan
With a Professional Trainer

Start your personal training journey with our team in Cicero, NY

When you have specific fitness goals in mind, you need a plan to help you achieve them. Try a personal training session at Jumping Jacq's Fitness Studio in Cicero, New York. Scheduled sessions will hold you accountable and give you professional guidance throughout your fitness journey. Your trainer will customize fitness programs just for you so you can have the most effective workout for your body.

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A local gym with all the bells and whistles

Fitness programs are a great way to incorporate routine into your workout plan. However, on the days when you want to spend some alone time in the gym, you'll have a full-service facility at your disposal. Combine strength training and cardio for a full-body workout using...

  • Free weights.
  • Cardio equipment.
  • Weight machines.

Get your sweat on at Jumping Jacq's Fitness Studio in Cicero, New York today.