General Questions

What amenities does the studio have?

There are 2 stall showers , cubbies and water fountains.
How do I dress and what do I bring to class?

A towel and a bottle of water. I do have fountains to fill them, and a towel. Please wear leggings with bike shorts over them. They are recommended due to possible chafing.
Should I eat before class?

Do eat something but nothing just prior to class.
Do you have parking?

Yes Plenty!

Bungee Workout Participation Requirements:

Is there a weight limit?

Normally yes based on the harness and leg circumference.
What health conditions do I need to meet?

Although this fitness is low to no impact participants should check with their doctor first if they are pregnant or recently had a baby or a major surgery.

Aerial Yoga Participation Requirements

What should I wear?

Wear something fitted yet comfortable for class. Make sure you armpits and back of knees are covered due to possible chafing.

NO JEWELRY or PERFUME! The scarves can tear and perfume lingers to the next person. Keep makeup to a minimal.
What about other concerns?

Aerial Yoga may not be for you if you've had a recent surgery, have motion sickness or are pregnant. Please consult with your doctor first.

Membership Policies

What is your cancellation policy?

Spaces are limited, please give at least a 4 hr notice or pass it to a friend. This does not apply to monthly memberships only class passes.
How can I cancel my monthly membership?

15 days prior to the next billing cycle
I have a pass I can no longer use?

Pass it on to a friend or family.
I am on a waitlist, How do I get in?

As soon as a space becomes available You will be notified by text. Due to the circumstance it will probably be short notice.
What is your "no show" policy?

Kindly give us a call to tell us you cannot make the class otherwise you will be billed.