Cardio Doesn't Have to Be High-Impact

Go easy on your joints with a bungee workout in Cicero, NY

Bungee workouts offer a low-impact, high energy fitness experience. Performed in a harness and bungee, these workouts are full-body workouts that implement both cardio and strength movements. With the bungee secured anchored into the ceiling, you are relieved of the force of gravity and with the bungee makes the movements easier. It's truly a very unique workout and like no other! Who knew fitness could be so fun!

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Full-body workouts for every muscle group

Our bungee workout engages your entire body. Incorporating cardio and resistance into your workout is the best way to create and define lean muscle.

Benefits Include...
Fun! Fun! Fun! - Bungee workouts are one of the fastest-growing trends and it is easy to see why! Bounce, run, and jump your way to fitness in this invigorating class!
Low-Impact Workout - Regular cardio is hard on knees and ankles, straining your joints over a long period of time. Bungee workouts offer a pain-free fitness experience, allowing you to land and propel without putting excessive force on your joints.
Body Toxin Detox - Kickstart your body’s detox systems with an exhilarating bungee workout! The unique movements involved in bungee exercise allows the body to purge toxins, leading to detox benefits.
Increased Strength and Flexibility - With every leap, your core will automatically stabilize itself, using and strengthening your entire body. With endless bungee movements, your flexibility and strength will improve with each session!

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